In this fantastic camp, Bishop Dag through sound biblical basis explains how God gives us ministries
What did Jesus mean when he instructed his disciples to be wise as serpents?
Life in itself is a collection of battles. Some fights are worthwhile whiles others are not.
The cost of every ministry is nothing short of a life.
The environment of every christian affects him either negatively or positively.
Discover how the gospel can be pushed further through the concept of the lay missionary in this unique camp by Bishop Dag.
This camp is unique as it is the premiere camp. God is able to use anybody as he is no respecter of persons.
The ministry, can be likened to a great banquet, but how?
Though we all go about with our lives, many Christians are spiritually in the sleep mode.
God is a very purposeful God and particularly in the ministry of bearing fruits.
In this awesome camp Bishop Dag gives an in depth teaching on the lessons of loyalty.
God's divine and eternal idea to create and multiply with abundance is brought to light in this camp.
This awesome camp by Bishop Dag distinguishes between two types of people involved in the ministry.
This camp reveals what missionary work is all about and what it means to be a missionary and the qualities that you need to do missionary work.
In life and ministry many things that appear accidental and by chance are actually predestined by God.
Throughout history, many great things have been achieved and carried out by ordinary people.
In this classic and timeless camp Bishop Dag outlines 120 reasons why we must be soul winners.
This camp emphasizes on what the call of God is all about and the core areas of development in the ministry.
The biblical model of ministry is often executed not by just an individual but by a man and his household of sons and daughters.
One of the greatest delusions in the body of Christ is that, a Christian cannot and must not suffer in any way.
According to Matthew 16:24 everyone who opts to follow Jesus has a unique cross to carry.
Successful ministry requires skill,experience and maturity.
On the road of ministry, there comes a time and season for full time ministry.
A very important key to prolific church growth is the concept of the micro church.